We hope that you have enjoyed using our materials and that you will continue to develop more to extend and deepen your students’ intercultural competence. If so, please do share with us, so that together we can provide a large pool of materials to be used in many contexts.  With this aim in mind, please remove any institutional or course identifiers in your materials or feedback.

To share your materials, please download the Teaching and Learning Plan Template, as well as the Student Evaluation and Teacher Evaluation templates. When you have delivered and evaluated your session, attach the files and upload them. Before sharing any feedback or comments from students, please read our Ethics guidance below. If you decide not to go through your institution’s ethics procedures in order to gather and share student feedback, we will only publish your feedback and reflections as an evaluation of the materials. By sending us your evaluation we will assume that you consent to them being published on the website. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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