Aims and Objectives:

This session seeks to explore our attitudes to intercultural communication through a discussion of our e-mailing practices and dilemmas

Learning Outcomes:

· Students will have thought about e-mailing in terms of intercultural communication (rather than English language)

· Students will have thought about what intercultural communication means in their own contexts

· Students will have reflected on their own experiences of e-mail communication and how to improve future e-mail exchanges

Class Profile:

The class is ALS (Academic Language Skills) for PGR (Postgraduate Research) Students in Computing and Engineering. The class is made up of post-graduate students in their first year of PhDs. They are young men from Scotland, Mexico, Nigeria and Ghana. Two are in Computing and two in Engineering. All have excellent spoken and written English and high levels of academic and inter personal communication skills. I taught them for about two months before doing this class with and I think we all have good relationships. I asked them if they would like to do this session beforehand, and they all agreed.

Files for this Lesson: